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Precious Pups Information Packet (1).png

Created by a dog mom 

for dog moms (and dads)

My name is Dani Carloni Schulze. I am a 3rd grade teacher in Phoenix, AZ and dog mom to 2 sweet rescues, Millie and Peanut Butter. My husband, Nick, and I got married on February 25, 2023 at Venue at the Grove! The first thing I thought after getting engaged was that our dog needed to be by our side. We wanted her there just for pictures and the ceremony but the logistics were driving me crazy! Then we "foster failied" (really a foster win) and added a 2nd dog to our family and wedding. He is very timid so I knew I would be worried about him the whole time. My family and friends would be happy to help but I didn't want to add that huge responsibility and keep them from enjoying our wedding. I heard the same thing from many friends and couples who were facing similar issues and some even had to settle for a wedding without their pup there. That’s how Precious Pups LLC. was born. I hope to help many more Precious Pups be part of their human’s special day!

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